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Fish of the Sea of Luuurve

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P.S. I want a divorce [06 Feb 2009|11:50pm]

EVERYONE must go see He's Just Not That Into You. Buy the book, while you're at it. Not the little knock-off ones, but the actual book by Greg Behrendt. It's not a narrative like the movie is, but it's a great read.

BUT back to the movie. GO SEE IT. It's definitely a chick flick but it's also just a really great movie. LeeAnn cried twice during the movie and once after...............but I did not. Haha. I just laughed and gasped and did everything the producers probably wanted me to do...including love the movie and tell all of my friends to go watch it, too!

go fish!

Crying on Your Best Friend's Shoulder (X-posted to my own journal) [06 Feb 2009|11:45pm]

Thursday morning, Sheila cried on my shoulder over Paul.
Tonight, LeeAnn cried on my shoulder over Ali.
36 hours and two beautiful, intelligent, independent women brought to tears by two stupid, obnoxious, and insensitive douchebags.

Whose shoulder do I cry on?

I don't think I ever recall crying on someone else's shoulder other than Eric's when it was over something that he had done (or I had done to him).

I think that no matter how often we fight or whatever we fight about, there is something to be said about the fact that I do not cry to my friends about it.
Maybe it's that I don't feel the need to. Or maybe I just plain don't want to.

Or maybe it's because Eric really is my best friend, and I wouldn't want it any other way.
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[30 Jan 2009|12:59pm]

soooo it's two years today with andy john. :) i know my last post a few months ago was very wishy-washy about my whole relationship but since then, things have been going strong! i guess i was just going through a slump? dunno. but we're making time to see each other a lot more (which is hard with both of our school+work schedules+driving distance). so i think that's helped. to celebrate, andy and i are going to go to the science center! heh i've never been there, but it's a pretty big deal here in stl and right now they have SUE (you know, that t-rex?-i think she's usually in a museum in chicago). so we're gonna see the cool sue exhibit that they have set up and see an omnimax movie about dinos. i'm pretty psyched. :) and then we'll be going to the drunken fish. it's an amazing sushi restaurant here. the last time we went, andy had randomly filled out this info card that some restaurants have where you can put your bday and your anniversary. well he put our day for that last spot and then this last month he got a coupon in the mail saying "CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary! Come celebrate with us!" hahaha so we're gonna use that and pretend we're married. fun stuff. i've got a super cute/girly outfit picked out so yaay! just a couple more hours until he gets done with class and then we'll be on our way!

boring post-sorry! just thought i'd share. :)
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I suppose I should say... [09 Jan 2009|06:00am]

[ mood | happy ]

I am completely in love with my boyfriend.

I haven't made a post in here in a very long time, because, well, I've been incredibly happy. I've had random interests in a few guys, and I had a big crush on one of my at-the-time coworkers over a year ago, but that passed uneventfully.
But I always come back to that there really isn't anyone better for me than Eric. No one else would understand me. No one else would forgive me. I am quite a handful, and I must say, since he lets me get away with being so weird and out of control, I really don't think that anyone else could stand me. I can't stand me sometimes.
It's not that bad. We just, you know, are perfect for each other.

We chased each other around my house after we watched the Inside Man. We might have been six years old.

He started it. He ran into my bedroom and turned off all of the lights. I turned them back on -- he ran into the bathroom -- I bumped the door into him -- he ran out, he turned the lights off again, I turned them back on -- I grabbed him and dragged him to the living room, we hugged, I held on to him as he laughed and tried to back away -- my grip slipped to his shirt -- it crossed my mind that he could just take his shirt off -- 15 seconds later, he did and ran into my bedroom again and tried to hide on the other side of my bed -- I came in, crawled over to see him, he climbed up, turned off the light, and then went on the other side of the bed -- I turned the light back on and even though I knew he was there, he still jumped up and scared me half to death.
Why do I get the feeling that our kids are going to be ten times more fun?

I play all kinds of games because of him, Fluxx, Treehouse, Settlers of Catan, Are You A Werewolf?, Starcraft, EverQuest II. We both love sushi, Asian candies, amaretto-soaked marachino cherries, movies, budgeting, planning. I got him to like more cheeses, get his GED, a better job, get a car, and get a new car when the old one broke down. I bought nearly all of his shirts and sweaters for work, and he picks up the tab when we go out to dinner and to the movies, or I get it when he can't. The advantage of having a boy with a full-time job :-)

I am in love with him. I couldn't imagine being with anyone else. I don't want to. What would I do without him?
He did nearly want to ditch me when I caught the stomach bug, but I couldn't blame him -- he'd just gotten over it, and it affected him with diarrhea instead of nausea, so I couldn't do much for him, and he had to go to work in the morning (I started throwing up Sunday night). He was nice enough to stay and get me set up on the couch, because the shooting, stabbing pains in my abdomen kind of kept me from moving a whole lot, unless I was twitching in pain. He brought me my pillow. I did appreciate that. And other things, too. That's not the whole truth. We were at his cousin's house when I threw up the first time, when his cousin's daughters were heating up leftovers for dinner, and he did take me home. He was going to just drop me off, but I talked him into staying with me, and we took a nap together before I threw up again. After that, he was a bit nicer.
I think it probably has something to do with his having Crohn's. He's used to his mother sort of comforting him, as much as a mother of an 8 year old can (and when his Crohn's was really bad, Ben was much younger), and not really used to comforting anyone else when it comes to the stomach thing.

So that's the long version of the short of it.
We really, truly are in love and we plan on getting married, but he hasn't proposed (which saves me that stigma, especially because I do disapprove of too-young-marriages, since I lost my last best friend to one and my current best friend also highly disapproves, but then again, LeeAnn jokes that never wants to get married...ah, but sometimes, my left hand is jealous that my right hand is the only one wearing a ring). We have decided that we need to survive my college years before we get married, unless circumstances change (when my tuition situation was in a little bit of limbo last year, this option was considered, but not planned on).

I've caught a fish and this one, I've brought home for dinner (over and over again).

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[14 Dec 2008|03:47pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Okay so I have a problem.Collapse )

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situation [19 Oct 2008|11:43pm]

So I know it's been a while since I've posted here...but I have a situation that I need help with.

I met this guy at a party two weeks ago and we ended up dating. But he seems kind of different now. Before he was talkative and sweet. Now he is really quiet and I think he thinks he's "gangsta". I've never dated a guy like him before so the relationship is awkward at times. And my Sorority sisters are split on if I should dump him or stay with him. He also doesn't have the best of grades...and grades are uber important to me.

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and just for fun... [19 Oct 2008|03:45am]

Behold... My Future
 I will marry Joshua. Â
 After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Australia in our fabulous House. Â
 We will have 5 kid(s) together. Â
 Our family will zoom around in a teal old clunker.
 I will spend my days as a missionary, and live happily ever after. Â
whats your future
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i'll get over you, i know i will [23 Sep 2008|11:05pm]

[ mood | stoned ]

i'll get over you
i know i will
you made a hole in my heart
but i won't cry a tear over you
i am the king of wishful thinking

so dave & i went out saturday night/morning. it was like midnight when he got to my house so we went to denny's where he ate cheese fries & buffalo sauce (eww) and we both drank coffee.
after that, we made out/snuggled in the parking lot and then he drove around some while we held hands and he kissed me. eventually we ended up back on my street where we talked/made out/snuggled in his car til we both had to go and sleep.

we laughed, we kissed, we made fun of each other, we held hands, it was pretty much perfect. & while we were out, he kept talking about our next date, blah, blah, blah.

but that was all on saturday. and i haven't heard from him since.

and i'm sad.

ughhhhhhhh BOYS. i hate them sooo much. joe came in while i was working & again, i ignored him. it's kind of difficult to ignore someone who's always in your line of sight and you can always hear talking to co-workers, customers, other people. BUT...i'm getting really good at it.

my friend andrew was like just ignore him and when he comes crawling back because he's changed his minds and wants to be your fuck buddy/boyfriend again, laugh in his face. and keep ignoring him.
sounds like a good plan to me.

but daaaaaaaaaave! so sad. i liked him so much & he seemed like such a good guy.

i've lost faith in the male population. for real.

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Friiiiiiday. [15 Jul 2008|10:24am]

[ mood | chipper ]

IF you want a shirt, tell me here and by FRIDAY MORNING at the latest.

So far, I've got a Small for Ariel. Anyone else?

And here's a list of movies that I ownCollapse )

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[03 Jun 2008|06:23pm]

Name: Kristen
Age: 19
Location: Burke/Providence
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

*Gone fishing*
Single/Taken: happily taken
Number of relationships in the past year: Just the one :)for a year and..3 months? I think
Got a crush? If so, please give a name (for reference): In a relationship with Evan, the coolest kid alive
The worst thing about the opposite sex/same sex (whichever way you swing): their thought process does not make sense to me
Best thing: About evan? everything. Guys in general...hell if I know
What you look for in a fish: values are important to me, not necessarily that we share them but at least that they CARE ABOUT THINGS
*Getting to know you*
What is one thing you want to do before you die? there isn't really anything I want to do, just be happy I guess
If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be? Right now-Detroit, otherwise I want to go to africa really bad
What’s the most exotic food you’ve ever eaten? I had some weird sponge thing the other day from a morrocan place. It tasted like all kinds of hell
Coke or Pepsi: neither
What’s your favorite subject in school? paaintttingggg
In your opinion, what is the worst day of the week? Sunday...you know Monday is coming
Have you ever seen a musical? yes..Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables. Love both.
Have a request for a name? god I don't even remember mine
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just an update [05 May 2008|08:00am]

I finally got my period...so yey for not being pregnant and Troy is entirely off the radar, thanks to the fact that I grew a spine. All is well in providence, the canalligators can rest easy.
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I realize that I haven't posted here in ages [07 Apr 2008|09:25am]

but I figure that the events of the passed two days are well deserving of one.

A few days ago my ex contacted me and we talked for a while online, then on the phone. Admittedly, I do still have feelings for him. He's the kind of bad boy that I never in million years imagined that I could possibly be attracted to. Plus I've been with Evan for a year, and I'm happier than I've been in a really long time. But there it is. The past two days have been a nightmare. He wants to meet up, I don't know, I say yes, I say no. I stop talkig to him. Then I realize OH BOY LOOK AT THAT. It's April 5th. And I never got my period last month. And I don't remember getting it the month before. huh. And according to two of the stupid little $20 test things, I'm not pregnant...so stress baby? Jesus? what is this business. Thus the adventures of the non-pregnant me. yay?
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Results are (sorta) in! [09 Aug 2007|10:32pm]

[ mood | content ]

3.5 yays to .5 nays. (One person went both ways and didn't care!)

Soooo tomorrow at about 6:55 we will head over to Kingstowne to watch STARDUST with Rachel.

I'm still bringing fabric paints, and I will have two extra medium tees that are NAVY BLUE (not black like the others) for anybody who forgot to tell me to buy them a shirt/who likes the color blue more than black.



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I'm so plantastic. [01 Aug 2007|09:11pm]

[ mood | excited ]


NEXT Friday into Saturday, starting at 3:30 Friday
August 10th into the 11th

It was the greatest common factor of dates, as most of you are able to go for at least a little bit. Also, Jaxie's mom is willing to let us steal her basement, as we inevitably do, for the duration.

It's the weekend where I have a million things to do, but I'M gonna be there. What's your excuse? :P


Come by if at all physically possible for as long as you can. I will be driving myself and can drive one other nonme person- and I am willing to make several trips if it means we can all get together and party-party. Bring movies you like that, preferably, are sappy, or, at the very least, fun/enjoyable to watch.

Bring your camera if you want pictures of us. Because we're all so adorableeee! (I'm bringing mine! :D)

Once again, I will provide fabric paints/T-Shirts for all interested parties. Just pleaaase tell me what size you wear in advance so I have a chance to buy them. If you have your own that you want to use, go to town! Bring it along, along with your movies/stuff to sleep in.

More details to come when I think of them. Or something. ...anything I'm obviously forgetting?

Yayyyy, Fishfest: The Final Frontier.

(Sorry, shameless nerdy lame pun. My apologies. :P)

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It only happens to LITERARY people I like, I swear! [30 Apr 2007|07:16pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I owe Ariel a million points for her ingenious suggestion of messaging Jackson re:Catch-22 for help...because now we're having a message conversation!

I'm explaining my curse- literary characters I like ALWAYS FREAKING DIE- and he was curious which Catch 22 character I liked that died (his class isn't done with the book yet).


I am a loserface, but at least I'm moderately less of a creepy stalker! :P

go fish!

[15 Apr 2007|04:56pm]

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[16 Mar 2007|06:45pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I am so ridiculously confused right now it's not even funny. Part of me is still on the train of thought that you are just way too amazing to like somebody like me, and I'm reading into things too much just like every other girl that I know. I know that I said it's annoying and I don't do it, but in my defense it's hard not to when you keep leaving me ambiguous messages that could be taken a lot of ways. But I can't take getting my heart torn into again, and convincing myself of something that just isn't true. You're funny and talented and can hold an intelligent conversation with me and NOT make me feel stupid for once in my life. I keep looking at that piercing stare of yours and just wanting to tell you everything about me, and how much my heart jumps when you look at me and how I didn't think I could go so crazy in just one day. I keep telling myself that I need to be more on guard about things so I don't get disappointed again. I'm so head over heels, and I'm so afraid of what's going to happen if you pull me up, and even more afraid of if you leave me on the ground. Please don't be my last high school dissapointment.

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[27 Feb 2007|10:01pm]

Well, my sister is getting married next month and she's having a DJ at her reception. As her maid of honor I'm supposed to come up with a list of music and I need help. Please and thank you.
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Here's something that I just thought was cute! :) [29 Jan 2007|05:22pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

It was designed for prom, but I think it works for other things too! :)

7 cute ways to ask out a guyCollapse )

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just a quick thought [07 Jan 2007|07:16pm]

[ mood | loved ]

Hey guys.  I havent posted in MONTHS!

So last night was progressive dinner.....

and the last award was for Bobby.  It was  Most Likely to get Wu'ed.  That was awesome.  It was by far the best superlative given.  hahaha

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